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This is a group of printmakers who use the tools of printmaking to peer closely at reality with a rigor and curiosity that seems almost scientific.  These could be prints made by naturalists, microscopists, linguists, cartographers and social historians.  These are careful, patient observations; looking at these prints, one can feel the concentration and the patient labor of crafting the image.


Printmaking is an activity that embraces anachronism, willfully doing things the slow way because sometimes the slow way is the only way.  There is something in this group of prints, taken all together, that feels very much like they are of another time, or rather, these prints cause me to experience time differently than I usually do.  This is not the millisecond time of digital screens -- these prints are steeped in historical time, geological time, seasonal time, cosmological time, and even lifetimes . . ..  So, I invite you to slow down, lean in, and take a good long look.


-Clayton Merrel