En Plein Air

Feb. 12th - March 25th, 2016

En Plein Air brings new work together from seven prolific Pittsburgh artists.  Exhibiting artists are Barbara K. Bush, Ron Donoughe, Sondra Rose Hart, Patrick Lee, Constance Merriman, William Pfahl, and Barry Shields.  

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except for the sound of my voice…

Nov. 7 - Jan. 30, 2016

Photogravures by Leslie A. Golomb with selections from Wielding the Knife, woodcuts by Master Chinese Printmaker, Li Kang.

Golomb’s content taps into, but isn’t blatantly about, identity or gender politics. Rather, those subjects represent the connective tissue to what she’s really interested in, which is reflecting on how women think through, navigate and express being female in the cultural climate they live in.

This show featured a special print sale event Dec. 4-6th.  The venerable Davison Gallery of Seattle, Washington offerd a selection of small prints available for purchase in the Gallery.  Prints were by some of the most distinguished contemporary printmakers worldwide. 

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Drawing on Drawing

Oct. 2 - Oct. 30, 2015

This showing is an opportunity to highlight drawings as what many artists pull from, reference, utilize and focus on as an essential component to their work. 

Juried by Kim Beck

Artists: Connie Cantor, Duncan McDiarmid, Lugene Bruno, Elizabeth Amber Rudnick, Tom Estlack, Sandra Moore, Mark Neuherz, Judith Sullivan, Mary Weidner, Patricia Barefoot, Linda Price Sneddon, Lisa Bergant Koi, Anna Mikolay, Ben Gibson, Marcia Comer, Dafna Rehavia Hanauer, Susan Kemenyffy, Paula Garrick Klein, Sarika Goulatia, Don Dugal, Lauren Braun, Ron Bayuzick, Ira Rubin, Jon Funari, Seth Clark, Dorothy Forman, Kara Snyder, Karen Kaighin, Barry Shields, and Hanna Grace Clark.

Associated Artists of Pittsburgh group show.

As Good as the Guys: Women Photographers in Pittsburgh

August 14 - September 26, 2015

An exhibition of local artists practicing photography in the region: sharp, challenging and contemporary. Plus a small group of their forebears in the city, at a time when the medium was dominated by men.

Curated by Graham Shearing and Elizabeth Brophy

Featured Artists include:   Lori Hepner, Karen Kaighin, Martha Rial, Alisha Wormsley, Sue Abramson, April Friges, Ivette Spradlin, Athena Harden, Zoe Strauss, Brenda Roger, Deborah Hosking, Elizabeth Rudnick, Natalia Gomez, and Sara LaPonte.  

With original photographs from Rosalie Gwathmey, Aaronel de Roy Gruber, Esther Bubly and Bunny Yeager.  

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Works by Janet Carlisle, Patrick Lee and Elizabeth Reed

April -July 2015

Black and White

March 20th - April 17th, 2015

Associated Artists of Pittsburgh group show.

Curiosities for the Collector

Nov. 14 - Feb. 28, 2015

Art on the wall ought to excite our curiosity...about the world, natural history and ideas of style and beauty. these are idea that are fundamental to museums and galleries but equally important for collections that hang on our walls at home.

This exhibition, organized by Graham Shearing, brings together art that considers these things, some rare, some beautiful, some challenging, some ready to take off the walls or custom framed to suit your requirements.

Artists: Elizabeth Reed, Todd Sanders, Stephen Tuomala, P.J. Zimmerlink and a miscellany of items from collectors cabinets.

Seen in Pittsburgh: Works on Paper by Women: A preliminary survey

April - July 2014

This exhibition was curated by Graham Shearing.  

Artists: Dee Briggs, Ayanah Moor, Kathy Montgomery, Gertrude Quastler, Elvira Peake (as Elvira Mae Loreski), Marie Kelly, Kitty Spangler, Laurie Trok, Kathleen Zimbicki, Lynn Meyers, Janet Towbin, Diane Samuels, Transformazium, and Caldwell Linker.